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description: summer tee
color: white
inspired by: independent film

Back in 2005 (around the same time we launched Good Night TV) a crew of young Chicago filmmakers formed their own creative collective and set out to make moves (and movies). Our first glimpse into their genius was a little viral video on YouTube. Then it was a student film that earned them a spot at Cannes' short film corner. It wasn't long before the humbly-named Rubbish crew was directing music videos for The Cool Kids, shooting snowboard docs for Flow and winning major awards at international film festivals. Inspired by their unassuming mastery of the medium, the gold Palme d'Or text reads: "legitimate, innovative, cinema" while the subtle off-white text reads: "low-budget, amateur, independent, garbage".

  • 100% sheer jersey cotton construction
  • fits slimmer than our classic tee
  • pre-shrunk and laundered
  • printed on American Apparel 6401
  • manufactured in the USA and sweatshop-free


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