• Image of Invader II
  • Image of Invader II
  • Image of Invader II
  • Image of Invader II

description: sheer deep v-neck
colors: lapis or asphalt
inspired by: 8-bit alien warfare

Combining the timeless refinement of the houndstooth check with the analog simplicity of Atari, Invader is the perfect blend of David Jones and David Theurer. Based on the tiny craft from Missile Command and Space Invaders, the classic pattern deconstructs across the shirt in bold, black contrast. A tiny 20 point invader hides on the back.

  • 100% sheer jersey construction
  • pre-shrunk and laundered
  • printed on American Apparel 6456
  • manufactured in the USA and sweatshop-free


  • Women's Small (lapis)
    2 in stock
  • Women's Medium (lapis)
    7 in stock
  • Women's Large (lapis)
    5 in stock
  • Women's Small (asphalt)
    1 in stock
  • Women's Medium (asphalt)
    1 in stock
  • Women's Large (asphalt)
    3 in stock