Our Story

Good Night TV started in a Chicago apartment back in 2005. Nothing fancy. Just three long-time friends looking for a new way to collaborate on something involving design, fashion and independent thinking.

Graphic tees made sense because they’re cheap to print and accessible to everyone. The name came when we finally got off the couch, shut off all our distractions and focused on making something meaningful and fun. We’re not anti-television, we just think the world would be a cooler place if people stopped dreaming and started doing.

Brand Ethos

We print very limited quantities of our designs (usually less than 100 pieces each). While this costs us more per piece, it ensures exclusivity for the people who buy our t-shirts and motivates us to think more critically about what designs actually go to print. Good Night TV is committed to making clothes without mass production, overseas outsourcing, market saturation or trendy gimmicks.